List of Factors That Affect Your Approval Chances


List of Factors That Affect Your Approval Chances

Client Reviews

Bhavna Narayanan, 48

HR Manager
Top-notch Service! I got my PR within half a year and was quite surprised with such a fast approval! Excellent job well done. Highly recommend.
Nov 2, 2021

Michelle Liew, 31

Senior Sales Associate
Excellent service since day 1. Recommended them to all my expat friends. Thank you for helping us entirely with our applications. Will never do so without your guys.
Jun 12, 2021

Alex Khim, 34

Warehouse Senior Manager
PR approved within 8 months wait and I am happy it finally happened! Thank you for the hard work, Alf Immigrations. Strongly recommend Alf Immigrations because you will definitely feel assured without any worries.
Feb 20, 2021

Annisa Zahra, 48

Good job to all the immigrations consultants at Alf immigrations. Had a pleasant experience here with the team and they always do things fast and efficient. Get your PR here from them. Highly recommend…
Oct 22, 2021

Tan Jing Ni, 34

Learning and Development Manager
Wonderful service by the ladies and I thank you for all the hard work. PR was approved in a few months and I am glad and thrilled with this results. Highly recommend who wish to get their PR approval. Thank you.
Jun 4, 2021

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